Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well nights are ongoing and I'm in that state of cloudiness that comes from 4 hours sleep in the last 36 or so. I could have sworn the little bloglet was innundated, like having a load of important visitors when the house is a disaster zone!

So now I've been spurred back into active blogging (can't promise how regular and active) I have loads to tell you all. Its been a while, and we have loads to catch up on!

I'll start with better pictures of some of the current WIPs

The Lenore socks - where I'm really up to (toe decs on second sock)

The lace detail shows how gorgeous this lace is - I think it will be a gorgeous baby sweater too!

Top pics probably better for the lenore colourway though! This expanse of grey stocking stitch is going to be Tangled Yoke, but I'm so bored of the plain body and humongous rows that it has stalled at the moment.

This is my current favourite. I know you've seen the Big Blue Blob before...but finally here are some new pictures. I'm adoring how the details are popping now I'm starting to put the border on.

But I will admit it is turning out a lot more substantial than I had thought. I'm not sure how easy it'll be to find occasions to wear a denim coloured 6'+ shawl once its done, but I love it.

More juicy WIPs next time!

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AlisonH said...

Oh wow, that shawl is gorgeous!